• Emergency container can also be used for storage and


• Adapted for Ir-192 and Se-75 sources up to 5 TBq

(135 Ci)

• Easy to decontaminate due to the high quality steel

internal lining

• Inside volume sufficiently large for source holder,

guide tube or source terminal with collimator

• Tested as type A package according to ADR for sources

Ir-192 up to 1 TBq (27 Ci), Se-75 up to 3 TBq (81 Ci)

• Trolley for easy transport with demountable hold

• Optional accessory for rescue of sources

• External dimensions : 228-300 mm, height 456 mm

Inside volume : 53 mm, height 227 mm

Lead shielding : 81 mm

Empty weight : 180 kg


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Nødbeholder for ADR transport

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